As of writing TAA, has just surged another £0.44/7.3% bringing that to a total of £1.55/32% for A WEEK. On top of winning a PB dividend for a gold match day which equates to £0.08 a share. Already proven a high PB scorer this season this far since a matrix change, posting top 5 highs of 267, 257, 244, 217 & 206 in the 2019/2020 season already. It has been seen as a two horse race for top defender spot on the index up to this point between Trent & Kimmich, however after this week Trent has completely blow him out of the water breaking into the Top 6 valued players in the market and smashing the £6 mark. But why? Well it could be no surprise, Liverpool are home to Genk tomorrow in a favourable CL fixture which most traders will expect will be a high scoring match with Trent fitting right in on the action.

My personal TAA returns with a 9% dividend yield on top.

But Ive been saying for the past couple of

weeks that Trent is the safest buy in the index at the moment(at the top end), due to factors including 20 years old, english, guaranteed starter in one of Europe’s best / top clubs, CL winner, potential future club captain & of course in regards the market, capable of posting insane PB scores under this new matrix.

But why is Trent & Kimmich gunning for top defender spot and not others? For kimmich his price reflection is due to the fact that he actually ends up playing a more advanced midfield role than defender. Which is also reflected when his position is changed for International duty and his price gets a hit. For Trent, he plays a wing back role in a very very attacking sided Liverpool team, can craft an amazing cross/ball/keypass/ assist and is feeding 3 of europes best front 3s with relentless end product. He also takes corners, (as anyone who does be around unbearable liverpool fans know all about his corner heroics). He also takes the occasional free kick. All this together adds up for amazing PB scores which in return , return dividends, and in return drives his price up. As we all know. (Note: he also gets a clean sheet score bonus & dont forget is playing in the premier league side with the best defensive record last season along side rock VVD)

Whose the Next TAA because playing max twice a week he can’t win top DEF every gameday?

But he’s not exactly the best defending full back, so therefore it must all be in his attacking. So to find the next TAA look towards attacking fullbacks? Well not really.

Trent stands out because that’s how liverpool set up. You’ll notice liverpool have no high priced or high dividend yielding midfielders because they take a more sitting back constructing role than a creative forward playing role that is focused on their attacking minded fullbacks. So its not just per the player, its per the team set up as-well. So what other teams mimic this set up?

Well arsenal can be seen to arguably copy it. Now evidently the execution is far from the same but if it was we’d have 2 TAAs so this talking potential. 1 new signing ,

1 new formation or 1 switch up in formation/roles could make it click. So maybe new signing Tierney is worth a look, having already won PB this season in the Europa league. Maybe wan-bissaka at united has the potential? Im not going to sit going through all teams looking for someone but that’s where I think the future TAA lies because after all

footballindex is all about finding the next big thing rather than focusing on the current for most traders!

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