New to football index? Just recently got on board? Don’t really know who to start investing in with what budget? Well this is what this article is all about. The majority of people who tell you who you should buy are telling you to buy players that they have invested in. Is there anything wrong with that? Well no. It shows that they’re not telling you to invest in something that they themselves don’t believe in. But the difference is, these people got on those players and shares long before. So it’s questionable if there is a lot more, if any growth left in them. Now that said, I believe that this platform is still very infantile and there is growth left in just about everyone. However, being knew to the platform and the market, you want to see results straight away. You might not fancy waiting 6-8 months for substantial growth in your shares. So this article takes a look at who I personally would invest in if I just got on the platform today, knowing what I know now, keeping in mind also, not everyone has £5,000 or £10,000 to put into the platform. So I will do up a few mock portfolios for a budget of £150, £500, and £1,000. Anymore than a £1,000 into a platform one should be doing there own research. But by all means take my mock portfolios and expand on share amounts and add your own. I will do spreadsheets for these 3 different portfolios and do an update article in the new year to see how they’re getting on.

All these portfolios are based around how I based, and currently base my portfolio. A wide spread of stocks. Risk spread. If one player tanks your portfolio and profit doesn’t go with it. Roughly 40% holds for dividend returns: Performance Buzz & Media Buzz wins. 55% for who I think are near guaranteed capital appreciation in the long term and 5% who are absolute gambles at a low cost and if they blow up the returns will be high. All roughly speaking.

The £150 Portfolio

Just before we get started, I own 85-90% of these players. I am going to give a very brief description of why I would invest, not in depth regarding each player as I wouldn’t have the time to write it and you wouldn’t have the time to read it. And as said these portfolios are made from 40% dividend return, 50-55% CAP potential and 5-10% risk.

First up Neymar. Neymar has been the highest valued player on the index now for quite some time, minus a few over takes from Pogba and Sancho for a brief period of time. But yet it still remains Neymar, And that’s for a very good reason. Dividends. Both Media buzz dividends and insane Performance dividends surround Neymar and his share price. He’s a must hold in everyones portfolio in my opinion. Mbappé on the other hand, not so much in regards of dividends however, he is undoubtly Europes best young player and his stats from last season do nothing but back that up. And if you had to invest money in a player to turn out to be a superstar in the future, It would be Mbappe. With the Euros next summer, Real madrid in need and want of the young talent, I expect Mbappe to pour media dividends. Raheem Sterling, falls under quite the same bracket. Star for England and Man City and is getting better with every single season. De Bruyne is one of the best mid fielders in the premier league, and it reflects in his PB score and wins. Unlike some other talents, KBDs performance on the pitch matches his price tag and dividend yield. Callum Hudson Odoi Is one of the most exciting up and commers at Chelsea Football Club and I do believe there is a lot of growth left in his share price. If he goes to the Euros with England, and there is no reason why he shouldn’t, he should star. Salah, a player I don’t hold but I think its a great time to get on, Looking at his 3 and 6 month graph, he is 70p off his peak price. Crazy for a player his talent, and above that, I think there will be loads of rumors come transfer time regarding a move away from Anfield, something that would dominate the headlines. Mo also is fantastic on the pitch and can master up a very respectful, dividend winning, PB Score. James Maddison again tracks great on PB scoring with his passing and assisting but with numerous rumors linking him with a move away to the likes of Liverpool and United matched with the fact of his recent England call up and potential roll. He will run the media dividends. An all rounder for dividends. Phil Foden, a player Pep says he wouldn’t sell for 500 million. We haven’t seen much of him but if one of the best managers in world football is saying this there must be something exciting that you want to invest in. Haaland, young, goal scorer, can hold his own in the media and already has rumors linking him with City, United etc. The same as Phil, he is certainty someone one would want to invest in. Saka like the past 2 picks, he is the same. Young exciting and talented. Has won a couple of media buzzs recently during his time of lime light and very nearly won a PB dividend. A future star. PSVs Mallen, is again one of the most excititng players in Europe at the moment and like the rest has rumors circulating around him about a move away into one of Europes top 5 leagues which would be huge for his share price. Timo Werner is also like Mallen a guaranteed goal scorer, playinh fantastic football at the minute and only going to get better. Also making a significant impact into Germanys international team. Dani Olmo is one of Spains best up and coming future stars who is scoring for fun in Spains u21 squad and only a matter of time before he is poached by a top club. Eddie Nketiah another of Arsenals best talents and is an absolute through and through goalscorer. Scoring for fun for Englands underage side, Arsenal in pre-season and on loan and Leeds when coming off the bench. Without a doubt a future England striker. Naby Keita, a bargain at his current price, as people quite often forget what he was like with Leizpig he was amazing. Key pass’ & assist I think once he finally gets going for Liverpool he is going to fly both on the field and on the PB Matrix. Still only 24. Edouard, a player I’m still not on but is exciting me. Scored for fun at Celtic, which isn’t really hard to be honest, but what stands out is his recent for for Frances U21 side. At still a young age I think there is loads of growth left in the striker. Curtis Jones, when talking about scoring for fun Curtis Jones stands out as a hidden gem, despite being priced at 1.52. Often over shadowed at liverpools u23 by his counter part Rhian Brewster but Jones has started this season a lot hotter than Rhian, and look at his price. Sofiane Diop is one of my risk holders. His share price and career could accumulate to nothing but in a rock in Monacos youth system which has produced an amazing list of talent, then there must be something in Diop, at only 75p. Likewise, David Otto is the same reason, a lot of buzz about the youngster and at a great team who produces fantastic attaching quality.

The £500 Portfolio

3 additions from the 150 pound portfolio. Trent Alexander Arnold, Julian Brandt and Gabriel Jesus. TAA is for dividends, as he is always a rock in the top defenders of PB scores. Brandt as is going to be one of the most talked about attacking footballers in the next year. Could be a bold claim but I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is by investing in him and Gabriel Jesus as he is an unbelievable goal scorer. Over shadowed in a Man City team bursting with talent, and a very poor World Cup Campaign, but I wouldn’t shy away. Still young and will eventually shine when he gets his moment. and 2.42 I don’t think its the worst investment. As for the rest of the Capital I would invest In topping up the holds explained in the 150 portfolio and also possibly add one or two players you’ve came across in your clubs youth system or even perhaps FIFA.

The £1,000 Portfolio

Again like the jump from the 150-500 portfolio, I would spend some capital as I explained above. But also add the following shares; Sensi for Inter Milan is a PB maestro it seems as of recent this season scoring up some fantastic scores. Mason Mount, a break out star of the premier league for Chelsea, has not only been scoring a handful but his general style of play and work rate really stand out for a player of his age. Enough for his recent England call-up and also to be added to my portfolio as I believe there is growth and dividends in him. Harry Kane is a proven dividend winner for both Media and PB and staring in the front line of England in the up and coming Euros is priceless. Also with a rumored move away from Spurs it only increases his MB chances. Ruben Loftus Cheek is yet to come back from his long term injury and when he does I expect him to star in PB, now is the time to get on him, as I did recently as I think he will explode his other Chelsea youth team mates. and last but not least Victor Osimhen was another recent buy of mines who has had a dominate start to the season since getting into the first team. Think there is still incredible growth left in him with his talent.

IN CONCLUSION, Invest in who you want, do your own research. Use this is a guide of how to spread investment or who to directly invest in, whatever you may. But stick by them, as patience is the key but on the other hand know when to get out. Check out other articles of mine to check out the psychological pitfalls of investing in the platform and even a guide to the quick basics. There’s loads of value.