Best player in the world? Second best? Regardless, Messi wins crazy amounts in dividends & is any dividend chasers must have! He is currently priced at £5.01.. Which is cheap considering his dividend yields, which we will take a look at later, BUT very dear considering his age. He’s the most elder player in the Top 10, and is 6 years older than everyone else in that ‘upper end of the market’ bracket. Which is actually amazing really and speaks so much for his quality, remaining media attention, & of course his dividend return.

The reason I highlight so much his age and his price as result is because essentially the older you get, the less value you have. Because you’ll have of course less years playing, more closer to retirement, maybe more injuries etc etc. And it was actually the point on the Football Index Podcast episode 97, the guest stated that they believed the younger players should be the most expensive on the platform as result of course for the obvious reasons. And the youth “bubble”(not a bubble, just common sense really) somewhat does re-enforce this point so messi being the 6th most valued is amazing.

Well there’s not much to look at in regards to his style of play, career and history. It speaks for itself. Even if you’ve never watched a game of football, you know Messi & his ability.


So Messi is £5.01 as of writing. Important when calculating our yields. Messi has earned a total PB Dividends worth £0.86! F****g crazy numbers. His averaged match day score is a total of 145, only to be beaten by Neymar in the Top10. He had reached a high of 316 pts at a stage, which will be very interested to see how he preforms on the new matrix. I only think better, as do most traders, hence his increase after they released the data on it. Messi has earned a fourth best of peers, of £1.34 in media. Making for £2.20 total i.e a 43% yield. (Assuming you held for all his dividends of course which is unrealistic but still important to know& measure) Only Pogba of 44% have taken in more dividends than the potential goat, Messi.


Well all well and good having great past stats, but he’s 32 now, why would anyone buy him now? And what does the future even hold for Messi. Well as much as its hard to provide reasonable answers to the question of buying into a deprecating asset on the backend of his downward slope, I think as with all footballing rules, Messi is the exception. I still think he will have a phenomenal season at Barca. Has another great player around him with Greizmann, which can only benefit him. Barca need Messi, as you can see from their form without him in the past 8 days. Messi does not seem to let age affect him. His stats maintain every single season & don’t correlate with his age at all. If he is to retire very soon, expect a decrease OF COURSE, snd thats the risk of anyone of age. Also one serious injury could really set him back and consider a retirement etc. Retired players usually go right to the bottom of the market at the sub 20-10p range. So from £5 thats quite a dramatic decrease which wouldn’t be seen with another elder player as they never be this pricey, as previously mentioned. SO ITS IMPORTANT TO CONSIDER

Exit Strategy

AS A RESULT ; My best part of advice is to monitor his price 3-month to 6 month graph carefully & make sure to buy on a decrease . Unlike buying sancho, pogba , neymar where you would think it doesnt matter he will increase in the long term and I can take a medium term hit and up and down in capital appreciation. YOU CANT WITH MESSI. His price will never see dramatic heights again to be honest and is probably pushing it at the moment even. ALSO important to consider, linking with the last points. You need to do the math. You can’t think ill buy messi for dividends and itll be okay if i loose CA. All well and good earning loads in dividends BUT if youre loosing just as much in CA, if not more especially after commission & spread. In Messi’s current state is 5% + commissions so 7%. You will need to be taking in a 7+% dividend yield ON TOP OF any % price change in that time period. Tricky. (Why spreadsheets are great to measure this kind of stats)

Final Note:

Not being negative about this hold whatsoever, how can you be. But age is age and has to be such an important factor in this market. What are your thoughts?

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