Well as the end of the carnage of the first back to back treble match day of the season dies down we take a look at all the trading that surrounded it, trends, reactions and patterns as well as the trading thats been going on the past few days surrounding the single match days and now even the trading going on surrounding the future single match days. We will also take a look at how the likes of the transfer window is still Impacting on the market.


Football is well and truly back, we know this by the return of Football Index treble match day dividend payouts, which sees top forward, midfielder & defended get paid out 5p per share and the star scorer of them all an extra 2p. If you’re lucky enough to hold a winner of one of these payouts in your portfolio, the dividend yield AND the capital appreciation that comes along with it can make for a serious pay-out. Saturday seen our first player score over 300 PB points on the new matrix. Insigne for Napoli scored a whopping 302 points. Got top forward, star played, 2 goals and 2 assists. Meaning if you got on him within the past 30 days you seen an 11p dividend return per share!! Capped off with a nice 23% price increase. Thats insane. I don’t hold, but if you did rake up all of this, then fair-play and great trading. Saturday also seen Liverpools Trent Alexander- Arnold winning top defender, priced at £3.34. I do hold him and I think he’s a great hold constantly getting assists, pinging in cross’, taking corners, young, english, ticks all the boxes for the Index, in my opinion.

Saturday also seen a great opening fixture which seen Chelsea take on Norwich. Chelsea came out on top, but who really came out on top for traders is striker Tammy Abraham, who finally got off the mark scoring a brace. After huge doubts after a couple of opening games the patience game worked out after all (as it always does) for traders and Tammy has seen a 21% increase in the past week. Ever since Tammy’s price has seen a constant increase day by day. Along with that similar trend is team mate Mason Mount who again scored for Chelsea and really really seems like a fantastic footballer and who compliments the PB matrix wonderfully aswell. What would a potential England senior call-up do for the Chelsea mid-fielder? Again the player has seen a constant increase day by day since. The same fixture seen Norwichs’ Pukki score yet again. The striker is on fire scoring 5 goals in 3 games now, all off the back of a fantastic championship campaign last season. If this form continues, expect his price to rise. But he is of age, and probably wont be getting a huge move so his price will definitely be capped low enough. Still value in him I predict. Norwich play great football, played a great game against liverpool, bossed newcastle and offered a threat to Chelsea. Great player and not a bad team at all!

Another notable mention is Bayerns Lewandoski , scoring a hatrick for Bayern and scoring 257 on the matrix, only to be beat by Insigne. Even at 30 years of age this guy is guaranteed 20+ goals a season. Trading at £1.39 I don’t hold but I really wish I picked him up during a predictable summer dip!

SUNDAY the second of the B2B Treble match day was a fairly quite day with a busy evening. You seen city beat Bournemouth which was a great game, Augero, another 20+ guaranteed goals striker scoring 2 and sterling scoring again. Topped off by a Harry Wilson master piece of a free kick. ANOTHER player who has seen a constant rise every day since after an exciting performance [up £0.08 alone today].

But what dominated market trading it seemed was both the PSG and Barcelona fixtures respectfully. PSG with a shocking first performance to the season after the missing man Neymar still is in negotiations over his future, seen an injury to star forward Cavani only to be replaced by ex-stoke city player Choupo-Moting. Who went on to score the opening goal and 3rd goal of the 4-0 win. The 66th minute seen Mbappe go off injured aswell which is a nightmare for PSG having the 3 stars now absent for the next game. So an already boosted Choupo-Moting stock got boosted even further along with other youth and back up substitutes as traders seen their money go into who will predictably start the next run of fixtures. A lot of instant selling went on around Mbappe as a result of the injury. Was this panic selling? Or was this justified? Mbappe, one of the most expensive stocks in the market, fails to justify his price like the other big guns returning a poor yield on dividends. Yet is probably the best young talent in Europe. Are traders just extremely banking on an exciting media crazed future? Well it seemed those who have stuck it out with him for this long said enough is enough and Mbappe is seeing a continuing downward trend since of 25p (only 3.6% but still) Personally, I hold, will continue to hold as his no doubt the best most exciting young talent in Europe, and once Euros come along and a real spot light is shun, it will continue to shine on him in my opinion!

As for the Barca fixture, despite going 1-0 down to new signing, and fantastic player Fekirs’ opening goal, Barca went on to thrash Betis 5-2 with Griezmann having a Nou Camp debut to remember scoring a brace. Griezmann was fantastic and topped star forward on the PB rankings and tied for star player, which I think he actually got paid out for despite being the older of the two tied (I dont hold so may have to be corrected on that). Was a great rewarding weekend for Griezmann traders as he then went on to win a media buzz dividend the following day. How will Messi coming back into the team effect the player? Improve and feed him? Or over shine him? How will a potential return of Neymar to Barca affect him? All must be asked if you’re a holder of the player. Unbiasedly you must answer too.


Its a quite mid week for the Market, with just single match days along with the one treble media day. Monday seen the first one with Inter Milan taking on newly promoted Lecce. A game which everyone expected Inter to dominate, which they did but one they expected Lukaku to dominate as well, as he did win top forward but in my opinion, seeing highs of £2.25 is not justified for me. I don’t hold, and I don’t hold for that reason. Despite scoring 15+ goals a season for his club, he has a horrible touch and not great passing. He’s more of a poacher. Not he might suit the Italian league but even if you are flipping him for IPDs there are much better shouts out there well below the £1 mark with better spreads & honestly better chances of winning PB. I don’t know, I’m not a fan. I know others will argue. But a lot of money was traded into him in the build up to this fixture as it was into a lot of Inter players. A similar trend on Tuesdays Lyon game. A lot of money put into both Dembele, Depay and few other Lyon players. Of which didn’t pay off. Its easy to sit bored on a single match day seeing all this money being traded, feeling like you’re missing out, only to finally get on too late and get stung. I do believe a lot of the trading that goes on during quite single match days is a result of boredom mixed with the fear of missing our. Be careful. Yesterday I couldn’t get over how everyone wrote off Montpellier and thought Lyon would dominate, and in the end most got stung. Im not saying ignore the Index, don’t trade single match days. By all means if you can benefit and make money do it JUST BE CAREFUL! Do your own research as well as listening to others. And think sometimes it might be best not to get involved in a particular match day or fixture. We can already see the mad trends with news breaking on twitter that Real Betis have 3 single match days coming up next against favourable opponents and the results of which were evident on the market this morning with all Betis players in the top 3 of the squad players and Fekir top of the Top 200 [up £0.14]. Now brilliant research & trading if you copped on to this in advance but even now, way before the match days, it might be too late to hop on? Or could still be value, hard to tell. Maybe try find a hidden gem for relatively cheap, less damage if there is a sting or upset that will happen. We all get FOMO (fear of missing out) when trading but ask yourself does the rewards out weigh the potential loss, whats the probability of both. Don’t talk yourself into it, be unbiased. Do your own research. Market seems very volatile during these single match days as mentioned (which means the market has high dispersion, higher volatility, higher risk).


Well it wouldn’t be a very good weekly round-up if we didn’t acknowledge the fact that despite not even kicking a ball so far this season NEYMAR IS DOMINATING media buzz scorers and topping the rankings near enough every day. Impressive. Also worth a note is that he regained his crown as the king of the index and is now the most expensive player on it [£7.11] madness considering he’s not playing, but I’m a holder, not huge, but enough to rake me in dividends as he is and as silly as it seems, I ignore his price, like Pogbas, compared to others as they will always he up & down but it doesn’t matter because dividends will always roll in. And if you’re instant selling players with a 30p+ spread then best of luck to you. But he is of course dominating media because of a proposed move back to Barcelona. Which was reported today is progressing well. Barca are reportedly broke (no surprise after already securing Greizzman this window) so a player swap as well as cash can be expected if the deal goes through. Question is what will that do for prices. Well Neymar had unreal seasons and very impressive stats at Barca but is arguably moving to a more difficult league. It will be interesting to see which side of the debate traders will lie towards. As for any player going to PSG, position depending, I would expect them to rise somewhat.

Also note-worthy and impactful “knock-on” news is Sanchez going on loan to Inter away from Manchester United. United with a very shallow squad already loaning away castaway and unwanted, upset Sanchez really backs Greenwood to get even more game time than suggested. Possibly justifying his £4.56 price tag (well actually still probably not !). The 17 year old striker has seen a [£0.08p increase] since the news broke as he is expected to start the next game with reports of Martial being injured. Traders can also expect to see the likes of Angel Gomes make the squad also. Who knows. Game time for Greenwood is seen as a good thing for holders, BUT it could also back fire, what if he doesn’t preform, what if he doesn’t step up? He is only 17. Its a negative way of looking at it but must be considered. Im quite a big holder in the player, but even I have to consider and put those questions out there.


Look, its a very violent market out there, filled by volatility. Be careful, don’t get caught up. If you can take advantage and make money, perfect that’s what its all about. If your holds and portfolio seen a dip after the weekend and you’re freaking out panic selling. You’re not doing it right. It happens after every big weekend, traders take money out when players hit peak weekend prices, & guess what, the money goes straight back in Thurs/Friday prior to the weekend. Its a quite mid week, usually doesn’t happen if there are games during the week or champions league, but don’t panic. Also keep an eye on the transfer window, just because its closed in England doesn’t mean you should ignore it. Remember transfers have a knock-on effect and those are on top of the indirect trading that revolves around the knock on effect are the real winners. Do your own research, make loads of money & continue trading 🚀💰