*please note, this article was crafted nearly 2 months ago in preparation for an archive and price has not yet been updated. Everything else remains the same

This new segment will come every day or every second day and will feature a hot young prospect across the world of football. It look at his club, position, playing style, prices. Price trends and possible forecast for the future. In each of these articles I will disclose how many shares (IF ANY) I personally own of the player. If I do not personally hold the player I will disclose the reason why not.

To start things off, we have Benficas 22 year old center back, one, Ruben Dias. The defender who was pipped a spot in Benficas starting lineup due to a series of injuries and Lindelofs departure to Manchester United has really shined and impressed since taking the step up. He even started against Man United themselves and has cemented himself amongst Portugals internationals team starting 11, winning the Nations League a few weeks back.

Ruben Dias suits a team that dominates possession and despite looking his age, the centre half has no bother putting in a dominating tackle. The youngster has fantastic anticipation. The player has a tall frame and is great in the air and well known for his clearly defensive headers. He can read the game extremely well and is even prolific in attacking situations, this was seen in the group stage of the champions league against Munich were he snuck around their defensive set up to force a great save from Neuer and always finds himself in the right space for set pieces and if not for the second stage of set pieces. Dias has seriously impressed since his step up to regular first team football and international football and seems a fantastic all rounder defender. But questions must be posed wondering will the player be able to keep up with the pace of Europes

top leagues if a move ever surfaced.

As for the future, as we seen with Lindalof at united, it really took the player time to adapt from Portugal to English football, (questions could be asked if he still has even adapted) so its best for the young star to remain put and get even better for his own good, but I would not be surprised if after another good season with Benfica will he start officially raising heads of Europes top clubs.

Source: TransferMarket

STAT: In the League and Champions League, Ruben Dias was just successfully dribbled past 8 times in his first 66 games.

As for football index, Dias is currently trading at 97p a share. I personally own 300 shares in him but got on him initially when I joined. I have only 160£ in the player and seeing a 70%+ return so far. He was my 9th buy in a 120+ player portfolio, so I have heard loads about him before his big breakout. He has currently a 3p spread and has reached price heights as high as £1.06 as a result of transfer rumours. Looking at his monthly price it might be a good time to buy the player. But do your own research, make your own decisions but do not think I am pumping my own players, he is less than 1% of my portfolio. I just genuinely see value in the footballer itself, does that mean the market and traders will value him? Who knows.

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