This article is going to focus all on why exactly you or your family member and/or friend should start trading on football index. It will be my complete un bias account and also feature a quick why you shouldn’t start trading on the platform at the end. Just to reiterate, I have 0 affiliations with the company itself as an investor or owner.

So .. why?

As I put it, this is the next big thing. The biggest sell of this platform for me to others is to make money. Who doesn’t want, love, or need to make money. Is it the end all be all? No. Is it important, possibly unfortunately speaking, yes. This platform is all about letting your money make money. Money doesn’t make money just sitting in a savings account, well it does, but virtually nothing. Football Index is incredible for making money with the right preparation and research. Its my savings account, because what other savings account are you going to see with a 20%+ roi in 3 month periods. Hint: None. Football index is a real medium to put your football knowledge and passion you have for your hobby into real returns. You might see a player in your teams youth system or see/hear about a young European hot prospect and what to invest in him. This platform allows you do just that.

This app has taken over my life, a-posse to checking facebook, instagram and other time wasting poison social media sites all the time and partaking in meaningless scrolling, I’m actually doing something useful with my time and money. This index works exactly like a stock market also, the mechanics and theories are all the same, so its a great place to pick up on the very basics of trading and start off your trading portfolio. Despite this seeming as a fantasy football spots betting gimmick to the naive outsider, this platform is a serious trading platform, returns serious capital appreciation and people have serious amounts of money in it. It mean so over whelming and confusing at the start and you might come into it with the attitude of not having a notion about stock markets, but the majority of us were the exact same. You do not be long learning. My first deposit was £100, now I have over 40,000£ in the index and its return is jaw dropping to people who have never heard tell about it.

And do not be daunted by the fact you dont think you know that much about football, you dont have to. It helps of course, but the football knowledge and trends will follow, you will find yourself looking up players from clubs you never heard of all because some random sky sports special guest said they remind them of a young messi.

Why now?

Its hard to put into context just how in infantile this market is. Its only available in 4 countries. Ireland, UK, Sweden and Canada. More money in the market, the higher the prices go = higher your return gets. When more countries and regions join, that means more people/populations= more money in the market, which = yes you guessed it, higher return on your investment. In January of 2019.. the first month of the year, football index got more new members than the entire half of 2018. That is crazy. With a quoted to be trebled advertisement budget, a new shirt deal with Nottingham Forrest and new T.V ads etc, all looming on the start of the new football season in little over one month away and the Euros 2020 just after, expect the market, and new members to be booming. There is no better time to enter the market than now. You want on before everyone else to snap your prospects and dividend returners up now before others will have to do at a higher price. This is the next big thing.

At the minute, football Index are actually doing a 10% net buy bonus. Which means everything someone buys will earn a 10% bonus paid as cash into ones account. (This is minus sales) (recommend to look into this promotion yourself incase I’ve made anything unclear). Thats a further, initial 10% return, just for buying. (This is just until the end of June)


Football Index have a couple of incentives and safety nets for new members starting out. One can trade up to £1000 risk free for the first 7 days. This is a generous feature as its essentially play money when one is starting to figure it all out hands on, what could other wise be very profitable for them. The second is a referral code. Every user when they sign up receive a referral code. When entered during sign up, you will receive a free £10 as will the person whose code you used to sign up. If you know nobody else signing up, my code is: . This will get both of us free cash. Now remember if you’re telling a mate or family member about this, don’t be giving out my code, use your own to make sure you get that free cash. This is all ads up and can cover you for some some bad buys or investments down the line.

Why you shouldn’t join the platform

Don’t join in you expect an extremely fast quick return on your investment. Its a long term game for the majority and what could be a gradually declining stock for weeks, could sprout up in a few days. You have to be smart, patient, and don’t get emotionally attached in or bias towards the players. Also don’t join if you can’t afford if. Now don’t pick this up wrong. Be it a £100 portfolio or a £10,000, stake what you can afford. If you woke up tomorrow and you investment was in tatters, would that dramatically effect your life? If so, don’t put it in. It should go with out saying. It is a risk at the end of the day.


Overall, do what you want. But I am really pushing you to give it a go, be it a football fan or a trader. This could turn out to be something you fall in love with and see incredible value in, like it is for me and the majority of its users.

please as always gamble and trade responsibility, do not invest what you don’t have.

If you are completely new to Football Index and signing up for the first time. Get a FREE 10 POUND USING This code: 296493. You get a FREE 10 quid and so do we. Any questions, just ask.