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Welcome to the Football Index Investment Guide. A one stop spot for EVERYTHING football index related.. except of course for the market itself! In this blog you can expect to find everything football index related; starting guides, advanced guides, daily posts reacting to the market trading and stock increases and decreases in that day. You will also be able to access a lot of specific player/stock related posts, including reactions to certain transfer, contract and form all surrounding the biggest and smallest of names in football.

One will also be endorsed in content related to “tips”, recommended buys, future stars, analysis and inside into stocks we think are good holds for various reasons. Something to consider about all “tips” regarding this market is that is very important to do your own research.

Keep in mind that because we are traders on the platform also we may own shares we are talking about, tipping, or possibly even telling traders to sell. But please be assured that all form of biases relating to shares will be non existent and if anyone would like to know the amount of shares, if any we own of said player, just ask and we will disclose all.

So please, check up regularly with everything we have to offer and share around all beginners guides as much as possible to get as many friends and family informed and trading on this forever growing platform, something that is still only in its infantile. Learn everything from referral bonus’ to serious investing and trading strategies set out by the book!

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